the pen is mightier

This blog is a mostly real-time collection of ridiculous and incredible situations that I find myself involved in, with some rants thrown in for fun. Every story on this blog is true – I’ve never felt the need to invent or embellish when real life provides me so much good material (though I do obscure identities unless I feel there’s a compelling reason not to). That being said, I update irregularly and sporadically, because I try to make sure my posts are worth reading. If it’s not a good story, or if I can’t tell it well, it doesn’t make the cut.

“The art of the punchline” is a nod to my appreciation and understanding of the English language. The best stories (as well as paragraphs and sentences), in my opinion, have a punchline, though not necessarily a funny one. I am to craft my language with this philosophy.

The tags were originally a product of necessity (the earliest entries are actually from an old  piano lit class), but they’ve since evolved into commentary. Some are self-explanatory, some are not. Those tagged gold star I consider to be both my best stories and my best-written. They’re a good place to start.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you read something entertaining!


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