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i know what i know

A text exchange which occurred between me and MJ while I took a break from practicing this past Sunday.

Me: don’t i know you from the cinematographer’s party?
MJ: i said who am I to blow against the wind?
Me: if i have kids that’s gonna be the password. ‘can you pick up my kid? make sure to ask if you know her from the cinematographer’s party or she’ll scream rape.’
MJ: lmao rotflmao
Me: ‘she’ll reply with “who am i to blow against the wind.” if she doesn’t, you are trying to pick up the wrong kid.’
MJ: any other lyrics are acceptable
Me: yes. ‘if she says “you really remind me of money” take that as a good sign. also give her $5.’
MJ: she may also say, hey al if you ask “are you betty?”
Me: “however, be careful because her name is not betty, and one of her classmates is.”
MJ: rotflmao
Me: if you ask ‘why don’t you love me for who i am, where i am’ expect her to say something about jews. she doesn’t quite know the song yet.
Me: or mexico. or mexican jews. or star wars. really, any of those.
MJ: you can just say hamanoo and listen for the child who responds “theme!”


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