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mixology, or why i should drink more often

I needed an Aperol Spritz. For a bunch of reasons, primary of which is this damn heatwave. And as I’ve learned, the Italians have mastered the art of the Refreshing Beverage, therefore, Spritz. So I looked up the recipe. Pretty simple – 3 parts prosecco, 2 parts Aperol, one part tonic, twist of orange. Not wanting to fuss (and frankly not caring that much), I figured a combo of the first two would suit fine. So out I went to Party Source.

I picked up the cheapest bottle of prosecco I could find, because come on now. Using it as a mixer. And they were all out of Aperol proper, but I got a bottle of something their mixologists recommended as a good substitute. Taste-tested it in the store – solid. Got home, put everything in the fridge.

3 hours later, it’s drink time! Pull out one of my rocks glasses, two ice cubes. About a finger of Aperol-substitute. Popped the cork on the prosecco and… suddenly remembered you can’t reuse the cork. Shit.

Uh okay… well, first order of business is the Beverage. Two fingers of prosecco… almost perfect. One more splash and I’m satisfied. Good. Now for the problem at hand. I know I have a bag of corks made just for this situation, but my best guess is they’re in any one of ten boxes labeled “kitchen,” because I just moved and they’re not essential. Okay… plastic wrap? Yeah, plastic wrap and a rubber band, that could work! Except I can’t find my plastic wrap either. I can find parchment, aluminum foil, and a thousand sandwich bags, but no plastic wrap. Crap. What do I do?

Then in the box of everything-except-plastic-wrap, I see the little box of jewelry bags. Little 3″ plastic earring bags. That… that could work! I slip it over the top of the bottle and it just fits. Secure it with a (brand new) hair tie… yes! It works! Hopefully. Hopefully the seam is strong enough that I won’t have flat prosecco tomorrow. If I do I guess I’ll just have to go get the tonic water after all. This is what I get for trying to make an Aperol Spritz outside Europe.

HAPPY UPDATE: As I wrote this, I took a guess at which box the spare corks were in. AND I WAS RIGHT! SUCCESS!! No flat prosecco for me after all!


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