conspiracy, in theory

The twins are slowly but steadily improving, despite having given up the Blow Pops practicing chart – practicing is still too much work, even if it means free candy. Now instead I give them letter grades on each piece: an A+ earns them a sucker. And I am not a lenient grader.

They have progressed enough that they are now getting acquainted with accidentals. As to be expected, Smash kind of gets it but has no patience or interest in really understanding what’s going on. His main interest is doing well enough to earn candy. For Clever, candy is a bonus (and awesome, obviously) and something to hold over his brother, but not his primary motivator. I can’t say he genuinely enjoys piano, but he’s certainly more interested than his brother and he’s quick to understand. So last night during his lesson, after we worked through a song in C position but with E always flatted, I thought this would be a good time to give him a peek ahead into the world of major and minor. He apparently had other ideas.

Me: There’s a question at the bottom of the page. “Which note is flatted throughout?”
Clever: Which note…. wait, what?
Me: What note always has a flat?
Clever: Ummmm…. A. No, G.
Me: What clef are we in?
Clever: OH! Um… E. E flat.
Me: Yes, good. Write that in.

He takes the pencil and writes “E” on the answer line. Then he keeps writing. This is not surprising; both he and Smash like to write and draw weird things on the music whenever they get hold of the pencil. Usually having to do with “Bobby,” their imaginary friend/alter ego (I have not been able to pin down which, exactly. “Bobby” can also apply to other people, such as me. For some reason). So I let him finish. He pulls his hand away and I see a triangle with… an eye in it? Is that…?

Me: What is that?
Clever: (matter-of-factly) Illuminati.
Me: Okay then.  …why, exactly?
Clever: Wait.

He keeps drawing. I can’t quite see around his hand. There’s a shape, with some letters? And now he’s writing. This ought to be good. I wait until he pulls his hand away, and…

There’s a rectangle with some letters in it, and some words. And before I can piece it all together:

any ideas?

illuminati eating butter

Clever: Butter.
Me: Butter?
Clever: Illuminati eating butter.

I couldn’t get any more information from him. Every time I asked a question he just repeated it as if it were a very simple and basic truth. I didn’t ask him if it had anything to do with “Bobby” – I’m honestly not sure I want to know the answer. But there it is, whatever it is. Illuminati eating butter.

(By the way, if anyone has any ideas/conspiracy theories, throw them my way. This one’s a puzzler.)


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