really expensive lemonade

After recording a song for a documentary this past Sunday, my friend Kate and I decided it was time for food. So we went with her fiance across the street to Keystone for some grub and also possibly a beverage. I ordered a water to start and was contemplating a beer when Kate said, “I’ll have one of those blackberry lemonades.” And I thought to myself, that sounds awesome. A lot of places make fruit lemonades but I haven’t seen blackberry yet. I make my own in the summer and it sounded really refreshing after two hours under bright lights and pressure. So I ordered one for myself.

It was the best blackberry lemonade I’ve ever had. Sweet but not too sweet and the blackberry was perfectly tart. It was awesome. No beer needed. So halfway through my dinner, when the waitress asked me if I’d like another? Of course I would. Bring it on.

So I was feeling pleased until the bill came and I saw the breakdown: 1/3 order of appetizer fries, $2ish. Mac and cheese, $11. 2 blackberry lemonades: $15.

$15. “Holy crap, $7.50 each?”

Did they grow their own proprietary lemons or something? To which Kate replied, “Yeah I was impressed when you ordered another, I’m a lightweight, I couldn’t do that.”

Then I started putting it together. $7.50 each. “I’m a lightweight.”

“Wait, did those have alcohol?”

Kate cracked up. Understandably. I had just drunk probably 4 shots worth of whatever and not even noticed. Didn’t affect me whatsoever, couldn’t taste it. It was just the best blackberry lemonade ever. I could drink a lot of those. But really I probably shouldn’t.


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