all the possible expletives Pt II / lack of communication Pt I

In our last episode, we’ll recall that someone’s supervisor at RPM was handling my rent situation – talking with the Water Company to confirm I paid what I did so they could reduce my rent.

The next day I hadn’t heard anything, so I called them up in the afternoon. It was confirmed my rent was reduced, and I’d only have to pay $86.96 in rent. Good! It worked! So I paid it in full on August 1, as one does with rent. End of story, right?


So today as I’m putting in the maintenance request for my broken hot water tank, I notice a balance on my account. Of $95.66. Including a late fee of $8.70. Neither of which seem legitimate, because I paid in full and on time. So I call them up (and I think this was the same lady I got last time):

RPM: Hi, how can I help you?
Me: Yeah, there’s a late fee and a balance on my account, but I don’t understand why they’re there.
RPM: (pulls up my account info) Okay, the late fee is there because… wait, I don’t see why… I’ll have someone look at that.
Me: So we can agree that I don’t owe a late fee?
RPM: Yes.
Me: Okay, good. So what about the other fee?
RPM: Well, you had your rent reduced from the water bill, right? So that’s the amount…
Me: I already paid that last month, I don’t understand why there’s still a balance.
RPM: That will go away once the funds clear and everything is processed.
Me: How long does that take?
RPM: One to five business days.
Me: It’s been six. It would have cleared by now, yes?
RPM: Uh… (says something to give me the impression she thinks this will all clear up on its own. I know better. Time for some hand-holding.)
Me: Wait, can you see all the transactions on my account? You can see the ledger with each individual transaction?
RPM: Yes… (she’s wondering what I’m getting at, wondering if I’m implying that I can do her job better than she can, which I kind of am at this point)
Me: Okay. It says August 1, I paid 86.96 in rent, the reduced amount.
RPM: Right.
Me: Then it shows the $4 transaction fee.
RPM: Yes.
Me: Which then cancels out the balance.
RPM: (starting to see where I’m going with this) Right…
Me: So why on that line does it state that I still owe $95.66, which doesn’t match any agreed-upon amount with or without a $4 transaction fee, with a late fee appearing on August 4?
RPM: (lightbulb goes on!) I’m not sure. I’ll have the account manager take a look at that.
Me: Thanks. So when should that get resolved?
RPM: Uh, I’d check back later.
Me: And if it doesn’t?
RPM: (clearly wanting me off the phone now) Then call us back. Anything else I can help you with today?
Me: No, I just wanted to clear that up…
RPM: Have a nice day. *end call*

Thanks, I guess. And yes, all the fees and balances are gone. Everything is settled. This should be the end of this saga. We will see.


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