I’m practicing in one of CCM’s chamber rehearsal rooms. Learning some Brahms. Not originally how I intended to use the room, but it’s signed out in my name and I may as well use it. I’ve got my stuff spread out comfortably – pencil, scores, practicing dice, glasses, etc. I’m in the middle of woodshedding a few measures when the door opens. The person obviously knows the room isn’t empty because he can hear me. He didn’t wait for a pause and didn’t knock, which is egregiously inconsiderate. So as the door opens, I turn to face it.

(he looks at me, then around the room, not saying anything)
Me: (am I over my time limit?) Do you have the room signed out? (I check the time; I’m not over my limit.)
Him: (looking back at me) Is anyone using this room?

Um… what does it look like, you moron?


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One response to “dumbfounded

  1. Jayme

    I wonder if that’s the same guy that came into my room on Thursday and asked if I was leaving soon. When I told him Igor had the room and would be continuing to use it, he just stared at me like he couldn’t understand. I ended up saying it about 3 different ways before saying, “You can’t have it.”

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