do I look like your secretary?

I’m leaving Memorial Hall today after unsuccessfully finding a practice room, about 10:30am, heading home to practice there. A bewildered student approaches me after I leave out the back of the building. This ensues:

Student: Hey, is this [Name of Building]?
Me: No, this is Memorial.
Him: Oh… I can’t get in.
Me: Yeah you can’t get in unless you’re a music student, it’s card access only.
Him: Oh. That explains why I can’t get in. Well do you know where [Other Building] is?
Me: Uh, no, sorry, I don’t.
Him: I’m supposed to have an art class there and I don’t know where it is.
Me: (wondering what I’m supposed to say next) Uh, yeah, sorry, I honestly don’t know.
Him: Well, where should I go?
Me: (how the hell should I know?) Why don’t you go around this building…
Him: (interrupting me) What do you mean?
Me: You can’t get through here, it’s card access only, so you have to go around, and up the stairs…
Him: (interrupting again, getting impatient) Where?
Me: (getting annoyed) Here, follow me. (I walk him to the stairs.) Go up here, then down the other set of stairs on the other side, then in the building – ask someone there. Someone is bound to know.
Him: (looking absolutely pissed) What?
Me: (spelling it out) I don’t know where your building is. If you go over these stairs, and into the next building, you can ask someone in there who will probably know, because I can’t help you. Sorry.
Him: (giving me the dirtiest look possible) FINE.

Seriously? Seriously you’re going to be mad at me, a complete stranger, because I don’t know where your class is that started 10 minutes ago, because you couldn’t bother to figure it out before you literally had to be there. Seriously? Wow.


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