i am probably going to punch someone

As usual, names hidden to protect those who need it.

Background: I am accompanying a Young Baritone. He has secured me to play one piece for him on a recital tonight, some kind of area or diction recital. 730pm (19:30).

I played for his lesson today around 1130. Went over the piece he was singing. I went home to clean my kitchen and make cookies. I text him.

Me (15:36): 730 tonight, in [recital hall]?

No answer. Proceeded to hang out with Friend, made us dinner. Approaching showtime, I change out of cooking clothes and into All Blacks and get myself and Friend to school. I assume it’s in the same recital hall as last time he had me play for one of these. I go to that hall – there’s a violin recital going on. I text him again, since at this point I have probably four other halls to choose from.

Me (19:12): Dude where is this recital

Please note my lack of contractions and punctuation. I am getting annoyed. Meanwhile, I text Friend in performance management and have him check the schedule to find out where this recital is.

Me (19:13): Can you look up on the schedule where the 730 vocal recital is? Might be for diction or something. My singer isn’t answering
Friend (19:14): I see nothing

MEANWHILE I receive this:

Young Baritone (19:14): Oh god im so sorry! They cancelled it at noon today and i forgot to text you back when you texted me in rehearsal. Im so so so so sorry




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2 responses to “i am probably going to punch someone

  1. Jake

    I miss singing with you! I hope I never did anything like this! Hahaha

  2. lizzie

    so disrespectful!!!! but i miss your cookies, i remember we made cookies …mmmm…four years ago? ;p yum

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