grow up

Okay guys, I get that you think that Republicans are a bunch of women-hating hicks. And some of them are. And you have your opinion, and that’s fine, and you’ve made it abundantly clear what that opinion is over the last few months (years).  Republicans are trolls, hicks, uneducated, backward, scumsuckers, they’re racist sexist bigoted homophobes. Fine. I get it. But, really, don’t you get tired of patting yourselves on the back? “Hey guys, the Republicans are Nazis!” “Hey, yeah, good one!” It sounds like a South Park episode. Isn’t there something else you can talk about for once? Do I really have to read a dozen near-identical statuses about the RNC being a joke? It’s just getting old.

Why am I only addressing Republican-bashing? Because that’s the only damn thing that shows up on my newsfeed anymore.

You sound like children. Be as offended as you want, I don’t give a shit.



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3 responses to “grow up

  1. Joe Lyszczarz

    Also, I at least tend to think that differences are best expressed in dispassionate expressions of information and evaluations of ideas. In general, hearing such negatively emotionally charged language from ANYBODY is kinda off-putting… (not even going into the fact that generalizations and labels are dangerous things…)

  2. Jake

    Hahahahaha the south park part made me laugh. But for for real tho.

  3. As much as I like Facebook, what saddens me is that people can way too easily post a meme or picture or whatnot stating their opinion without really thinking about it. It’s really not creating a true debate. I wonder if some of my friends are fact-checking their sources or even watching the RNC. :/

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