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Just before I left Tallahassee for the last two weeks, I agreed to take on another vocal student. We’ll call him Singer M. I let him know I had someone covering me, so he needn’t worry about finding a another pianist while I was gone.

Monday, two days after I return to Tallahassee, we have this exchange:

Singer M (16:49): Hey this is singer m are u available to perform at seminar this Wednesday my professor wants me to perform and since we haven’t practiced together I wanted to touch base b4 I finallized the paper work.
Me (16:51): Yes, that’s fine! Drop me the music in my folder and I’ll look at it. When do you want to rehearse?
Singer M (16:53): When are u open tomorrow or Wednesday
Me (16:55): Wednesday, any time before 1230. Tomorrow, 10-1130, 12-130.
Singer M (16:57) : Okay tomorrow at 1 sound good to me
Me (16:58): Okay, see you on the 4th floor! Can you leave me the music before then?
Singer M (17:17): Ya I have class at 11 I can drop it in ur box after class
Me (17:18): Okay fantastic, thanks!

So Tuesday rolls around, and literally six of my eight scheduled vocalists cancel. Singer M has become the first person on my schedule. Around 11, I’m standing in the hallway chatting, and this guy comes into the group looking for me. It’s Singer M to give me music! It’s Handel, and it’s sight-readable. Awesome.

I’m in and out of my room for the next two hours, practicing until his rehearsal. At 12:58, I receive this:

Singer M: Hey I have to drive a friends home for a car emergency I will be their about 20 minutes late

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think that’s an excuse to move a scheduled rehearsal at the last second. But I had nothing immediately following him and a pile of music to go through in the meantime. I simply texted “Okay” and let it be. After 20 minutes, wondering exactly how long this would take, I texted him:

Me: Just let me know when you’re back

Because, really.

He showed up, we rehearsed, it was not a big deal. He confirmed that he sent in the seminar paperwork the previous evening, which might have been after the deadline, but we’ll see, he says.  Come 5:00, I’m in his studio, playing for a different student. I requested we go first, since I had to be on the road by 5:30. Before we began, Professor read her list of who she wanted performing in seminar, including Singer M. He summarily announced he was scheduled for tomorrow; Professor was rather surprised.

Then today happened. I’m at school in my all-blacks. Come seminar time, I haven’t heard anything from him one way or the other, so I head down to Opperman. I go backstage. He’s not there, but he could very well be on the way. I ask someone if I can see the program, just to see where we stand. I double-check to confirm: He’s not on it. We’re not scheduled.

Well, this is interesting. I ask people if anyone had seen Singer M. One person tells me he went to the foyer to speak with the Professor in Charge to see if he could get on the program. I head to the foyer; no sign of either. I return backstage. After some deliberation and consultation, I determine I should wait there just in case he shows up, for maybe ten minutes or so. Because who knows. I perk up my ears when Professor Master of Ceremonies announces the program changes. Which don’t include Singer M.

At this point, I think, maybe he texted me. I run upstairs to get my phone – nothing. One last ditch effort. I send:

Me: Are you singing? you’re not on the list and I haven’t seen you

I leisurely find my way back to backstage, correctly assuming he never appeared. I wait another ten minutes, checking my phone. Out of curiosity I check out the attendance sheet in the foyer – and yep, he marked himself as present. One of his studio-mates saw me, and I told her the situation. She told me she played for him last night in their studio, on the assumption that he was singing today. That’s right, I was in his studio, he didn’t tell me he was supposed to sing, and after I left someone else had to play for him. I thanked her and apologized.

I go back upstairs to gather the remainder of my things. I see swarms of vocalists coming down the hall – seminar had let out. I got stood up for a performance.

Then, this:

Singer M (15:30) Apparently I signed up too late so I’ll prolly be singing at the next 1

No kidding. I let that stew for a time, while other interesting (and blog-worthy (stay tuned)) things occurred, and eventually I responded:

Me (20:02): Okay, that’s fine, but shoot me a text next time to let me know what’s going on. I was waiting backstage trying to figure out what was going on
Singer M (20:37): I was too then I saw the program and was like oops and I didn’t have my phone to text u sorry :(

Uh, maybe you could have hung around another two minutes until I got there to uh, you know, tell me? So I wasn’t waiting half an hour backstage wondering where you were?

Then, this evening, Brooks (my substitute) tells me while I was away, Singer M had a studio performance that yet another pianist had to play, since he never told Brooks about it.

This one seems to have a communications problem. Stay tuned.


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