as promised

As I promised at the outset of this blog, I don’t write about things that aren’t interesting. And my life, right now, is pretty uninteresting to the uninvolved.

I’m taking care of Sean’s cat, she wakes me up at 5am. I’m trying to beat Sean at chess and it’s not going well. A bunch of my friends and I get together once a week to watch Wagner’s Ring cycle, and I’m 100% hooked. I’m narrowing down my list of potential schools to apply to for a doctorate. I miss Switzerland in the worst way. I also miss Vienna. I picked up a second, small, local church job. The plants on my porch haven’t died. I have an honest caffeine habit. I have a ton of music to learn, and absolutely love it. I am the happiest person when I’m playing this music, but this is much more interesting to me than it is to you.

So that’s pretty much it. If something interesting eventually happens, which I’m sure it will, I will write a full-length funny post. In the meantime, there’s very little fodder.

So, carry on, I guess.


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