anytime you’re not available is fine

I was cleaning out my text inbox yesterday and found this snippet of a conversation that was too good not to share.

Background: This happened on Wednesday, April 20. I was supposed to rehearse with this instrumentalist at 2:30.

Me: (00:28) A singer just informed me he’s singing in studio at 230 tomorrow [Wednesday]. There are a few options open – before 1130, 12-145, or 330-4. Thursday is always an option. Sorry about this!
Her: (07:40) I can’t really make any of those times. But we can do it Thursday morning around 1030 or 11 if your free
Me: (09:44) Okay, I can do tomorrow [Thursday] before 11, 12-1230, and after 130. Whatever works for you.
Her: (09:46) 11 to 12 would be excellent
Me: (09:47) That’s the only time I’m not free :( I have rehearsals then that can’t be moved. The 1230 can
Her: (09:48) No worries 12:30 it is.
Me: (09:48) Okay. Thanks! Sorry about this!
Her: (09:49) Its not a problem

No, I don’t imagine it would be, since every slot you suggested, and ultimately took, was one that I said you couldn’t have.


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