how to be a creepy neighbor

There’s a guy in the same building as me. He drives a green Jetta. He’s probably in his mid-forties. I don’t know what he does for a living, but he apparently keeps hours like I do – sometimes there, sometimes not. In any case, he doesn’t hold a regular 9-5 (or 630-430 like my downstairs neighbor.) I know this because he’s creepy.

I vaguely remember us meeting sometime last year. One of those brief chance meetings while we were both at our cars. I don’t remember what was said, but I remember deciding he was creepy, that I wanted to end the conversation ASAP, and that I would avoid him henceforth. This is not exactly unusual, as I don’t immediately trust many people. But I’ve had my share of experiences with untrustworthy neighbors, and I know it’s better to be safe than filing a police report.

So today, Wednesday morning 10am, I go to do laundry. I pack my stuff into my car and drive to the complex’s laundry facilities. I didn’t see the green Jetta parked on the corner, so I was surprised when I encountered him in there. The facility is 6 washers/6 dryers, so there was no avoiding him. I said good morning, feigning polite southerner, and went about my business. He turns to me:

“Aren’t we neighbors?”
“Yeah, don’t you live in K…. (#)?”
“Uh, …”
“Yeah! Hi! I’m Shelley.” He offered his hand
“Hi. Nice to meet you.” I shook his hand. He didn’t get my name.

Sufficiently creeped out and completely on edge, I said nothing after that. How did he know what apartment I’m in? I’m on the other side of the building. He also had to have seen me enter my apartment, since the doors are recessed. And he had to remember it. And it’s impossible to see the apartment numbers unless you’re standing directly in front of the door. Unless he knows out the building layout? And why?

And why would he introduce himself with “Oh hi I know where you live”?

Anyway, this guy is creepy. I have the worst luck with creepy neighbors. Just thought you should know.


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