it’s (adjective) because it’s true

Today I rehearsed with six singers. Some for only the second time the entire semester. I played in studio for a seventh. I also rehearsed with a violinist.

Tomorrow I take my car for an oil change/tire rotation, rehearse with a cellist, and play juries for six of those vocalists, two of whom I’m betting won’t pass. The two who met with me for only the second time today.

Saturday I play a violin dress rehearsal for a jury Monday, do laundry, play the seventh vocal jury, and perform in a cello recital.

(Do you notice who’s missing from this list? Singer D! She met with her teachers and they decided she wasn’t jurying after all. Hallelujah!)

Sunday morning I play a “cantata” at church. I use the term very loosely. The music isn’t hard, but it’s hard work. Like digging a ditch. I like to think of it as “digging a ditch for Jesus,” because that makes me hate the lousy arrangements a little less.

Sunday afternoon I’m going to the beach with my best friend.


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