metablogging turned funny

“When someone let out a Bravo! elsewhere in the hall he growled I bet that was a plant. I resisted the temptation to swat him with my pocket score.Some of this behaviour can be blamed on the notorious bad manners of certain New York patrons but the problem is widespread as any music administrator with a yen for 20th-century repertory will tell you. James Joyces Ulysses every 16 June.Once these cultural untouchables were dismissed as charlatans merchants of the emperors new clothes to employ a phrase that remains commonplace among unappreciative concertgoers. These days you would draw puzzled stares if you announced at a dinner party that Pollock is a crock.”

That was the text of a spam comment I just deleted. It is, with some chunks of text missing, lifted directly from this Alex Ross piece. I don’t know how they did it. Spam that was actually textually and subjectively relevant to my life, relatively speaking.

The other great thing about running this blog? The best search terms ever. Ridiculous/awesome searches that have gotten me hits: trembalos, frizzy straight hair, woman hair park, publix chicken necks, how to annoy a pianist, how to annoy pianists, “johnny rzeznik”, blonde woman of jurassic park 1, i’m getting a haircut, physics beer bottle, straight on head shot hair pulled back no makeup, blonde hair from back frizzy, physics of beer, they made me an appointment for tomorrow – grammar.

That last one particularly amuses me. Why exactly would you search “they made me an appointment for tomorrow – grammar”? In fact, all the haircut ones are great, because they aren’t search terms so much as statements. I’m also pretty proud of trembalos, because the actual site they’re looking for doesn’t even appear on google search results until page 3 (mine is the 2nd hit!) And also, “johnny rzeznik”. The Goo Goo Dolls’ frontman. I gave up looking for my blog after about 50 pages of google results.

Also, to the person who is looking for advice on how to annoy pianists: I hope I helped.


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