quick hits

I’m too busy to write a proper post, but these are way too good to keep to myself.

Singer J finally decided to rehearse with me for the first time this semester. She has a jury in three weeks. We begin rehearsal with the piece she’s least familiar with. She’s supposed to have it memorized, but that’s difficult when the only time you’ve heard the piano part is in your lesson. So she’s using the music for the first run, and all of a sudden she stops.

“Wait, what happened?”
“I rest here for a measure and a half. You sing without me.”
“Oh, okay. …So this is why we do this.”

I didn’t laugh. Not until she left.

Also, GUESS WHO IS BACK! That’s right, SINGER D! I ran into her in the hall today. I couldn’t avoid her. She was SUPER PEPPY and among other things, said her nodes are COMPLETELY GONE and she will be jurying at the end of this semester! So would I mind if she contacted me before the jury and we ran through a few things? She would of course compensate me.

First off, as soon as she mentioned jury I bit back a laugh. My only thought was “My God, what blog posts await.” Then I thought, “Huh, I guess the faculty did actually put her on vocal rest.” I told her I would play the jury for her, then I remembered I recycled all her music not three days ago to make room for someone else’s music in my binder. She said she’d happily re-copy it for me and we could just run through the pieces a few times.

I don’t anticipate hearing from her (or getting the music) until two days before.



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