convince me to buy this

Today I had a lousy day, ending a lousy week. I don’t like to think back much further than that. Since the beach is too far away for convenience, I went and had myself some retail therapy at my favorite place: the MAC counter at Dillard’s.

I didn’t plan on buying anything, since I haven’t the past two times I went in and there’s really nothing out that I want right now. But it’s fun to window shop. And play with colors. And also I had $20 left on a gift card just in case.

So I was the only customer in there, and the girl who did my makeup the very first time (aww) was working. I decided to try some lipstick. I love gloss, but I’ve always had the mom-vibe about lipstick.

She found me a very nice pink that I will probably wear frequently. Then, feeling bold, I said, can I try a red? Like, Russian Red?

She got really excited. I put it on and she got even more excited. Then she gave my lips some definition with some liner. Then I saw what she was excited about:
Yes, my eyes really are that green, too.

Now folks, that’s just the red. There is nothing else on my face – no skincare products, no mascara, nothing. Holy crap, right?

The question is: Do I go back and buy the reds? I didn’t get them then and there because how often am I going to wear this? I mean of course it would be great on stage. Would I want to wear this in real life? I think I might. I would of course have to start whitening my teeth, but whatever. I’m going to give it a few days and sleep on it. What do you think?




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6 responses to “convince me to buy this

  1. Peggy

    I like it! Bold, brassy, goes good with your coloring and hair. DO IT!

  2. Peggy

    P.S. I love the hair cut, too.

  3. K. K.

    “convince me to buy this”

    Um… ok…
    Look at the photo!

  4. Sharon

    I agree with your mother….you look mahvelous in red….

    Working with Theresa Oienck (sp?????) little brother, Rich….

  5. Holy crap, what amazing skin you have! Any lipstick will do!

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