schedule? whatever

Today’s schedule:

1100. rehearsal with Singer B
1130. lesson with Singer J (who recommended me to Singer F)
1200 practice
1430. rehearsal with Singer I (rescheduled a thousand times)
1500. lesson with Singer A
1530. rehearsal with Singer K (who does not deserve a letter.)

What happened:

0854. Receive text from Singer J saying she has a stomach virus, canceling today’s lesson.
1000. Drive by Starbucks. Too many people, head straight to bagel shop.
1035. En route to school, receive text from Singer B, canceling rehearsal because she forgot she had a make-up test.
1045. Return to Starbucks. Get raspberry mocha.
1100. Arrive at school, begin practicing.
1211. Receive text from Singer A: “Hey, I don’t think I’m having a lesson today.”
1214. I reply with one word: “Okay” (Did I call that or what?)
1215. Resume practicing.
1430. Rehearse with Singer I.
1500. Practice.
1530. Rehearse with Singer K.
1615. Go home.

At least there weren’t any no-shows.

Also as of today, I have officially created a list matching the singers with their anonymity letters. Because as of today I can’t keep them straight.




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2 responses to “schedule? whatever

  1. K. K.

    Just to clarify, does singer K not deserve a letter because they are on your good side or because you don’t count them as a singer? I normally wouldn’t really need to know, but the letter K is um.. mine, so I’d like to make sure it is not being tainted. THANKS. :)

    • He doesn’t deserve a letter because he has never done anything to warrant a story. I won’t go so far as to say he’s responsible or on top of things, but I guess he is, in that ‘whatever’ kind of way. Your letter is safe.

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