how to annoy your pianist

I don’t believe I’ve ever written anything about Singer A (introduced way back here). She hasn’t really done anything story-worthy (other than perform in seminar wearing a dress that should never be worn onstage. Seriously, people took their glasses off so they wouldn’t have to look at her.) The only thing she does is cancel perpetually. Well, for her inaugural story I am inspired to post in the from of a Michael Crichton novel – by date!


A week after I didn’t receive a response to my official “welcome back and please tell me your lesson time” email, I saw her by the library. She told me she didn’t know her lesson time yet, since her TA and two others were sharing a studio and trying to work out times. Okay, fine, please let me know as soon as you know.

Maybe a week later, at 2am on a Wednesday, she texts me, wanting to know if I can play in studio for her. It’s stuff we’ve done last semester so we wouldn’t even need to rehearse. No, I’m busy. I mean I’m not busy, but you have to learn to ask me earlier than 2am the morning of.


Nearly a month passes. I contact her a few times with no response. I happened to run into her last Monday outside the library again. She seemed surprised to see me.

Me: Hey! Do you have a lesson time yet?
Singer A: Oh, yeah, I think it’s 11:00 or 11:30 on Mondays, but I have to confirm it yet.
Me: [you think?] …Confirm?
Singer A: Yeah, like write it on the form.
Me: [WTF? A one-to-one form? It’s February! There’s no way administration will accept one this late! She’s pretty much just guaranteed herself a failing grade!] You mean like a one-to-one form?
Singer A: No, no. That’s already taken care of. Like, I’ve been assigned a lesson time but I have to write it on the thing on her door to confirm that time.
Me: [Pencil your name in on her schedule? That’s it? I know you don’t like your teacher but this is ridiculous.] So you haven’t had any lessons yet?
Singer A: (giggle) No.
Me: Okay well please confirm that or whatever and let me know, so I can finish scheduling.


Meanwhile, on Thursday I get an email from Singer I (whom I just picked up this semester) asking if we can rehearse from 11-11:30 on Mondays. I hold onto the email for a few days, waiting for schedule confirmation.

(Raise your hand if you are surprised that Singer A didn’t get back to me by now. Yeah, I didn’t think so.)


Then, that Saturday I remember that Jeff‘s lesson is at that time, too. Which won’t become a problem until later this semester, but nonetheless still a problem. So assuming Singer A confirmed, Jeff’s lesson would have to move and I’d have to find another time for Singer I, and if Singer A didn’t confirm, Jeff’s lesson could stay but I’d still have to move Singer I. Either way, Singer I moves.

I emailed Singer I requesting a different time. I also emailed Jeff about the situation. Then I emailed Singer A:

Singer A,

When is your lesson again? And please confirm that I am in fact coming to it? I have two people who want to book me between 11 and 12 on Mondays, but I can’t let them know one way or the other until I know what you’re doing.



(Another show of hands: Who thinks she responded within 24 hours?)


So I’m waiting. Monday I happened to walk by her teacher’s room and looked at the schedule. Her name was confirmed alright but not for Monday – for Thursday.

As I’m heading home I mentally draft another email, but I discover I don’t need to. She finally, at 4:49pm, sent me this:


Are you free on Thursdays at 3:00 to 3:30? I can see what other times are available but she doesn’t have any lessons on Monday. Let me know if there are any other times you’re free and I’ll figure it out.


Singer A

I sent her a one line response: “Yeah, that’s fine. See you then.”

FEBRUARY 10 (tomorrow)

Final show of hands: Who thinks I’ll show up tomorrow, knock on the door, and nobody will be there because she forgot to tell me she canceled?


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