wait, who are you?

Remember Singer E? Texted me for information, I called him back, he wanted to know who was calling. I confirmed that yes, I was available for his lesson time, and he said he’d get back to me.

Last week it occurred to me that he might be a musical theater student, since half the singers in that teacher’s studio are. This is a big no-go for me. I don’t play theater. I don’t like it. In fact I hate it. I can’t even practice next to them, much less play with them/for them. I hate the sound, I hate the music, I hate the drama that most of them seem to cultivate, I want no part of it.

So I approached Teacher and she confirmed that he was in fact a theater student. I told her my situation and she said we’d work something out – another pianist happened to be standing in the hall, and I offered her the job. She said she’d consider it, and I said I’d give her Singer E’s contact information.

I never did, for one reason or another. Today was his lesson. Found Teacher again, asked if I should show up. She said yes, come halfway through and we’ll figure something out.

Lesson time comes, and I knock on her door. Other Teacher opens the door. “I’m in the wrong place, aren’t I?” He says, “Teacher will be up to get you in a bit.” Uh, okay, so she’s teaching somewhere else today and didn’t tell me. Or tell me where. Cool. So I stand by the elevator and play with my phone for 15 minutes. The lesson I interrupted ends, and Other Teacher says, “She didn’t come up?” “No.” So he takes me downstairs to where she’s teaching.

He opens the door. There’s already someone at the piano. Teacher says, “Oh good, you’re here, I was wondering what we were going to do about this.” I introduce myself to Singer E.

“Uh, wait, who are you?
“I called you and you asked who I was.”
“Oh! You’re the one who called me! Sorry, I forgot. I guess I never told you I got someone else.”

Teacher interrupts. She’s very cheerful about the whole thing, like this stuff just happens every day and it’s so silly. “Oh, so like you emailed a bunch of people?”
“Yeah, like four.”
No, he mass texted a bunch of us, apparently. I jump back in. “Well, I’m glad you found someone, because you really wouldn’t want me to play this stuff.”
Ha ha, pleasantries, okay bye, etc.

PRO TIP: Keep track of who you contact and follow up. Don’t be that guy.


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