i’m still certifiably nuts

I walked into my first lesson with Tsarov. I sat down, she had me play something. We said a few things, and she asked me:

“When is your birthday?”
“Excuse me?”
“Your birthday. When were you born?”
“June 19.”
“Ah, I’m sorry.”
“Yes. It explains a lot.”
“Explains what?”
“You’re on the Gemini-Cancer cusp. I’m sorry.”

In essence, I have the dual nature of a Gemini, in fact, strong duality in all things – coupled by the passion and craziness of a Cancer. I’m always at ridiculous war with myself.

Apparently they changed the Zodiac today. (First off, they need to stop destroying my childhood. First Pluto, now this? Knock it off.) It’s not like I actually believe this in the first place, but hey. It’s fun to have an excuse to be nuts. And I fit the cusp’s description (also known as the Cusp of Magic) pretty well. (You can read a full description here if you are really dying to.) Essentially, we have a constant conflict between logic and emotion, we have strong emotions but tend to suppress them, we’re very loyal and giving, we are inspired.

I liked this tag, and I don’t care what the pseudo-scientists who renamed the Zodiac say. I’m keeping it.


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