return of the jury

Today was the day. I had a lesson (for yesterday’s singer) to play for at 11:40 and the postponed jury at 1:20. I set my alarm for 8:00 in an attempt to get up, look professional, and practice before the lesson. I got up around 9:30. Succeeded in looking professional but not practicing.

I got to the lesson, knocked on the door. No answer. Turned the handle. The door opened, lights off. I texted Singer.

Me: (11:45) are you having a lesson? i have wed 1140 written down
Singer: (11:46) Omgsh. I am so sorry. I cancelled today, I had a text typed out to you but I guess I never sent it. I’m sorry!
Singer: (11:47) Because my voice is gone

I told her to get better. I went to the library, got lunch, went back to the library.

Then I met Singer D for the jury. She was ready and super excited to get it over with. Yes, she would start with Bach again if they asked her. She was also shooting honey straight from the bear to “soothe her voice.”

We went in. I was amazed with how well she was singing. Her diction was almost good. Her rhythm was fine. Tempo was steady. Breathing was respectable. Everything coordinated. I was surprised – neither pleasantly nor unpleasantly, just surprised.

Then they asked for the Purcell. I mentally crossed myself, this being the one we had never actually rehearsed. I gave her four measures… and it went fine. She knew her notes, she knew her counting, she knew the melismas, I only had to compensate for a late entrance once, and only by two beats. It took everything I had not to laugh out loud from thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding,” while playing.

And that was that. They sent her out to deliberate. And you know what? I was pissed. I’m sure I would improve at least that much if I were given a huge reprieve on my juries. Not that I don’t want her to improve and do well – but if this is her third semester of freshman voice and she magically pulls it together in the last five weeks, (hell, even the last week!), officially a month and a half after she should have been judged the first time, that’s just not fair. Flat out.

But the best part? I don’t know whether she passed. This trilogy is officially a cliffhanger.


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  1. Oh my word, Liz – I LOVE reading your blog! Absolutely hilarious.

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