everyone loves a trilogy

So today, for our 10am rehearsal, Singer shows up saying she practiced a ton and feels so much better than yesterday. She’s just so excited to  finish this jury and get on with it. Me too, but for entirely different reasons I’m sure. She asks what the rehearsal plan should be for right now? I suggest Purcell, since we’ve never gone over it and as of yesterday noon she didn’t actually know it, and then beginning with Bach (the only one we’d ever rehearsed, but not since last semester) just run through everything and see how it goes.

She excitedly agreed that it was a fantastic idea and then couldn’t find the last page of her Purcell, to which she said, “Yeah this should be fine, this last page will just take some going through a few times,” or something to that effect. Translation: I can’t actually count it, and probably don’t know the notes, but you’ll teach me. Figuring I’d burn that bridge when I got to it, I gave her a four-measure intro and she started. She sang maybe a phrase and her voice was a disaster. She only actually phonated about 50% of the notes. The others just weren’t sounding. She stopped, looked at me and said, “I shouldn’t be singing today. I can’t sing today.”

Unsympathetic (sure the kid’s sick, but this is getting stupid), I said, “I don’t know what to tell you. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, what should I do? What would you do?”

I would probably be better prepared than you are. You’re worried about how you sound, but I’m pretty sure you don’t actually know the music. “I don’t know, contact your teacher?”

“OH, good idea!” She’s frantically texting.

She tells me she is going to go rest, and go over words, and take some cough syrup, and not sing, and warm up. And she doesn’t want to sing any more until the jury. I ask her to please contact me when she hears anything from her teacher one way or the other, and she says yes of course she will.

Between 10:15 and 1:30, I managed to do a lot of things, including practicing some saxophone music and getting drenched in the rain, but I never heard from her.

Me: (1:35) what’s the good word?
Singer: (1:36) all is well..155 at dohnyayi [sic]
Me: (1:37) alright. see you in a bit

I met her outside the hall. She was excited, but it seemed like that overly-enthusiastic excitement she has about everything. Her teacher showed up. We went in.

The first thing they said to her was, “You only have one copy of the jury sheet? You needed six. It says right on there.” Great start. She apologizes profusely and they write out their own slips. She announces she is on the tail end of bronchitis. She sings the Bach, adding in beats, speeding up at will, ignoring umlauts. Soon as she ended she started coughing up a lung. She gratefully accepted the chance to get a drink of water.

As soon as she left the hall, they began discussing whether it was fair to decide her fate on a day when she clearly shouldn’t even be singing. No, of course not, but then if they delay it any longer she’s so far behind in her singing training versus her academic studies, and then there’s the paperwork, etc. She was back in the hall by then, and they had her start the next piece. Cut her off after a phrase and rescheduled it for next week.

So, no. It’s not over yet.

Stay tuned for next week’s exciting conclusion!

**In case anyone is wondering, Singer is Singer D.



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2 responses to “everyone loves a trilogy

  1. Peggy

    Have you ever notied how some trilogies go to +2 or 3 more episodes?

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