i’m really bad at this “real life symbolism” game

“Sh*t, I double booked myself to be in two ends of the country simultaneously the last weekend in January.”

That was literally the first coherent thought I had as I woke up this morning. (Fortunately not the first coherent thought of the year, as I was up til 2 watching the Marx Brothers.)

If I took today as a symbol for the rest of the year, as the representation of new beginnings, as many do, I’d just pack up now. I have a migraine and a sinus infection. I’m not magically more motivated to be a better person today than I was last night, last week, or last year. If I felt good enough to get to the school to practice, I don’t know if I could find a way in.

However, in the spirit of New Year’s Day, I’m keeping up the family traditions: making lasagna, watching TV, putting together a puzzle, and not making resolutions. If the Winter Classic is on and I’m home, I’ll watch that later.

Though, I guess if I had a resolution, it would be this: get more hits from ridiculous searches. These are my favorites: “liz from animal crossing,” (a character from a children’s video game, landed them here); “‘johnny rzeznik’,” (don’t know how they found this, but they did); and “trambalos” (probably not what they were looking for. At all.)

Anyway, Happy 2011. You’ve only got 24 months until the end of the world, so make it count!


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