genX music trivia

It all started out simply enough:
A guy MJ works with challenged her with 80s music trivia. She schooled him, then got him back with “Who sang intro and backup in ‘Money for Nothing’.” We then spun this set of trivia questions for her (or anyone’s) use. Good luck.

Name 5 artists who sang in ‘Feed the World.’
Name the official lineup of Nine Inch Nails. (Trick Question. Answer: Trent Reznor.)
Why is the frontman in Radiohead so f*cking whiny. (Answer: Because he’s a bitch.)
Name which of the Gallagher brothers from Oasis was arrested for assault. (Trick Question. Answer: Yes.)
Name how many times Alanis drops a four-letter word in JLP. “Damn” does not count.
Estimate the pounds of weed DMB has smoked, either by their own volition or through smelling it at their concerts. (Trick Question. Answer: Those are two very different numbers.)
Name the character that made David Bowie famous. (Trick Question. Answer: David Bowie.)
Freddie Mercury: God or Goddess? Discuss.
How many of the boy bands can you still tell apart?
-Sub-question: How many of the lesser known boy bands can you still name?
-Sub-question: How many members of each band can you name? First and last names, please.
Why weren’t girl groups, save the Spice Girls, as popular?
-Bonus: How many former girl group members went on to have real careers?
-Bonus: How many went on to do cocaine?
Name 3 failed girl groups who had moderate hits.
Hanson played their own instruments but were not considered a boy band. Every other boy band did not play instruments. Discuss.
Courtney Love. What the f*ck? Discuss.
Phil Collins was not involved on the “All for Love” song from 3 Musketeers with Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart. Speculate as to how this could have been legally allowed.
Explain how Billie Meyers sounds so much like a man, assuming she is not, in fact, a man.
Explain how Macy Gray got a recording deal.
Explain how she was a bigger hit than Erykah Badu.
Hootie and the Blowfish released a Christmas song. Discuss.
Crash Test Dummies could harmonize, play instruments, and had a decent singer, yet they fell off the face off the planet. Discuss.
Compare and contrast: Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day. You have 20 minutes. (Answer: Can’t be done, they’re the same band. Pearl Jam just writes better lyrics.)
Name one song by Nickelback and one song by Creed. Bonus if they’re attributed to the correct band. One free therapy session for choosing to answer this question.
Name three songs by La Bouche. If you can’t, you don’t deserve to.
Name three techno tunes without lyrics from between 1992 and 2000. (Hint: Sandstorm.)
Speculate on what else she could have been saying instead of ‘eat the fruit.’ Must have the same number of syllables and vowels. -Bonus points if it makes sense in another language.
Dance to all 8 minutes of a single techno song without stopping.
What destroyed Mariah Carey’s career?
Name at least three of Britney Spears’s boyfriends.
Name at least 3 songs written about Britney Spears by her exes.
Name a single artist with which Timbaland has not worked. Must be between 1994 and now.
Name an artist whom Brian Eno has not produced. Must be between 1985 and now.
Name an artist Puff Daddy has not sampled.
Name 5 songs you once loved but now cringe to hear because some assclown sampled it between 1990 and 1999. Bonus points if they absolutely ruined your musical hero.
Name a city Phil Collins has not toured in.
Name a fact you remember from Pop-Up Video.
Why is 90s dance music better than any other decade’s?
Marilyn Manson: Discuss.
Oral question: pronounce Johnny Rzeznik in the original Polish.
-Bonus: Make him some pierogi.
-Bonus: Drop them off at his mother’s house.
-Bonus: Let him buy you some Buffalo wings.
-Bonus: Go see a Sabres v. Penguins game. Root against Cindy Crosby.
-Bonus: Get trapped on the NYS Thruway together between Buffalo and Syracuse in the winter.
—Double bonus if you have to shovel the car out from the shoulder.
—Triple bonus if they closed the Thruway while you were still on it and you didn’t know.
—Quadruple bonus if a NYS Trooper stops to tell you to get off the road even though the next exit isn’t for 27 miles.
—Quintuple bonus if you have to stop and push the car at any point along the way.
—Reminder: do not use your cellphone. It is illegal. All bonuses forfeit if you use your cellphone.

Bonus: One point for every song you can name that has not gotten airplay since its release.
Bonus: One point for every overplayed song that you still love, but everyone else hates, i.e. Iris.
Bonus: What movie soundtrack is Iris on?


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  1. Brooks

    This exam may as well be an exam in quantum mechanics. I know almost none of the answers….

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