it’s my party and you’re being weird

I have a facebook event up for my Annual Christmas Party. I’ve been checking RSVP’s to see how many people I’ll have to seat come the big day. I see three have RSVP’d “not attending.” I left the event public so I’m not surprised that I don’t remember specifically inviting one of those three. I am, however, very surprised to see the other two – I’m not friends with them. I don’t even know who they are.

I deleted them from the list to clean it up. That was two days ago. Today? One of them has RSVP’d “not attending” again. Yes, I get it. You’re not coming to my party that I didn’t invite you to because you’re in a different state and you don’t actually know me. Why do you insist on making it official? Isn’t that rather a lot of work for you, telling people you don’t know you’re not coming to things you weren’t invited to? It seems cumbersome to have to state the obvious constantly.

By the way, whatever party you’re throwing next, I’m not going. Just so you know.


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