nonpolitical thoughts while watching election coverage

Updated in almost real time and posted at bedtime. Many will be blogging about the election. I will be blogging about everything but the election. Because you don’t want to hear my partisanship any more than I want to hear yours.

A Christmas Commercial with Andy Williams singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”? Really?? It’s November 2. Please, please at least wait until Black Friday. I love Christmas, but I keep my ridiculous enthusiasm at bay until then.

Which would be a better drinking game: a sip for every seat gained by Republicans, or a beer for the first 40 and then another for every 10 beyond that?

The Chairman from Iron Chef America should announce these results. It would make them so much cooler. In fact, he should announce pretty much everything. Except hockey games.

This would be a good time to cook something. Something escarole-centric.

Do… do I see this correctly? A ten-year Florida Recount Reunion Dinner? Is this the political equivalent of an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party? Why the hell would you do that?

I should write down the story of the Austrian violinist dressed in a Mozart costume at St. Stephen’s. Best pick-up lines ever.

Here’s the thing, Deep Blue Something. You may have written one of my all-time favorite songs of the 90s, but a movie is not something on which to base (or save) a relationship. I’m just saying. I’m sorry.

“You all everybody…”

So now Sarah Palin’s gonna have a reality series on TLC? Well if that’s how it’s gonna be, here’s the deal: TLC, I want you to put me on What Not To Wear right now. Without delay. If anyone can get a reality series that nobody’s gonna watch, and if you keep producing reality shows nobody wants to watch, I demand you put me on the one that is actually any good. You don’t have to make up a new show for me, and you won’t have to care nobody knows who I am. All I want is new clothes. That’s it. Okay?

A candidate named Krystal Ball? Really?

They’re not telling me any new information. My sleep is now more important than this election coverage.



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3 responses to “nonpolitical thoughts while watching election coverage

  1. I think sip would be more fun?

    Actually, I’m hearing Alton Brown narrating the election.

    I don’t understand why one would accept a reality show like that anyway. If I were Palin I would have stayed out of it. i think she’s sending a message about her character that she doesn’t want to be sending. Nothing personal against’s just a bad idea for anyone. (also, TLC, have you gone mad?)

    I’D SO VOTE FOR KRYSTAL BALL. CLARVOIYANCY would be SO useful in politics.

    So..I should get back to grading these music theory papers. woooooo.

  2. Brux

    My main thought was…Why do so many people fall for talking points? And I am not just picking on the GOP followers, I swear.

    My other thought was, oh great, now we’re going to have an Oompa-Loompa for House Speaker.

  3. Peggy

    I don’t think the Palin’s Alaska is a ‘reality’ show. It is more of a travel log…good PR for Alaska. Besides it looks like fun.

    An Oompa Loompa for House Speaker?! Really!! Better than the Botox Queesn of Haight Ashbury.

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