why i hate accompanying

As of 10 this morning, this is what my schedule looked like.

1215. Meet with Singer A to get music.
1230. Rehearsal with Singer B. Rescheduled from yesterday.
1300. Rehearsal with Singer C.
1330. Lesson with Singer D.
1400. Meet with Instrumentalist X to get music.

This is what actually happened.

1130. Get Pumpkin Spice Latte.
1145. Begin practicing music for Singer D’s lesson.
1200. Text from Singer A requesting to meet at 1400 instead.
1207. Outgoing to text to Singer A scheduling meeting at 1430. Incoming text from Singer B canceling today’s 1230 rehearsal due to continued sickness.
1210. Incoming text from Singer B stating she may or may not be well enough for tomorrow’s lesson.
1211. Outgoing text to Singer B requesting to please let me know one way or the other before 0800 tomorrow.
1215. Call Mom to say I can’t come home for Christmas.
1250. Runthrough Singer C’s music.
1300. 15-minute rehearsal with Singer C.
1315. Runthrough Singer D’s music.
1330. Show up at Singer D’s lesson. Door is locked. Knock on door for 10 minutes. No answer.
1335. Send text to Singer D.
1340. Check email in library to make sure lesson was actually at specified time and place.
1400. Meet Instrumentalist X and get music.
1415. Notice a received text from Singer D at 1359 stating she was sick and neglected to tell me of the canceled lesson.
1430. Meet Singer A and get music.
1445. Finish Pumpkin Spice Latte. Go home. Plan to send out an email explaining if they don’t show up, they pay me. Effective tomorrow. Plan to have a beer and some food. Plan to perhaps go shopping. Plan to return later to practice. Wish these idiots had more respect for my time.


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One response to “why i hate accompanying

  1. Kaley

    I’m sympathetic! Singers can be quite wishy-washy…
    Best of luck to you, Liz.. love popping by here to read every once in a while.

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