life is HARD, man

I want bar food.

It’s been the kind of day/week/month that has left me wanting some kind of “me” activity. Today really capped it off. Normally I’d go for some retail therapy, but there’s not much serious retailing to be had at 9pm and I’m a poor (ex)-college student anyway. So, next best: bar food. I want something fried and/or cheesy. Pure comfort food. Something I’d only eat when I absolutely need bar food.

So naturally I’m not going to a bar by myself. And I’m not going to go to the store and buy frozen, for several reasons. One, why do that when I can make my own? Two, preservatives and chemicals and additives. Don’t need them. Especially when I can get bar food at bars without them. Three, commitment. I really don’t want to end up with a box of a zillion mozzarella sticks in my freezer. I just want a basket of them now.

So that leaves making my own. First big problem: no deep-fryer. Second: no oil for traditional deep-frying. Third: even if I had oil, I don’t really think I’d want to experiment with deep-frying right now.

Fourth: it’s really hard to make bar food when you don’t keep snacks or junk food around, because you never eat it.

Mozzarella sticks: I have half a brick of mozzarella. Nachos: bag of old tortillas. Exactly nothing else. No cheese, no salsa, no beans, no nothing. Wings: no chicken wings, nothing for frying, no hot sauce. Fried zucchini: no zucchini. Dip of any kind: no cheese of any kind, nor anything to put in it. Fries: not one single solitary pathetic potato.

Yeah, I could go grocery shopping, but again, that would commit me to eating all these things. I can’t win. I guess I’ll be eating soup from last night again. It’s delicious, but it’s not bar food.

You know what I do have though?

Beer. I have a six-pack of Sam Adams Octoberfest. And that is about as bar-like as it gets.



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2 responses to “life is HARD, man

  1. My me activity: Judo! Seriously dude, start kicking some ass….

  2. MJ

    really, though, bar food without drunken college kids talking about football and knocking over their drinks on you just isn’t the same

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