and sometimes even music cannot substitute for tears

(Paul Simon, Cool River)

I guess this is a Part Two. My dear friend Jerome just posted this on his facebook page, and it reawakened in me the struggle between expression and silence.

How do we deal with a tragedy like this? How do we express what we feel? Even now I struggle writing this post, because I am drawn to silence rather than expression. To see, to hear, to touch all the ways we reach out to one another – it is so much, it is overwhelming, and it is not enough. It can never be enough. No display of patriotism or grief or love will ever begin to approach our feelings. Perhaps that’s why we have moments of silence. They are moments of understanding. Nothing more is needed than that.

I keep  hearing Luke 2:19 in my head: “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.”

Please forgive my halting words. It is difficult to express even this when silence would serve better.


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