i’m bringing pastry back

The most magical thing just happened:

I’ve been feeling lousy for the last few days. I’m sitting here at my computer after reading most of hyperboleandahalf.com. I’m wondering when I’ll be able to get to the school to post self-promotion literature as a contemporary music accompanist (read: piano-whore flyers).  I’m wondering where I’ll park, since I’m not a student. How much do those other parking spots cost?

I’m restless and somewhat bored. There’s nothing good on Food Network. I don’t want to watch what’s on TCM. I don’t want to do a puzzle, I don’t want to settle down with Return of the King (for the 7th time) quite yet. I’m hungry. I can’t leave the apartment to get groceries because of aforementioned lousiness. I have to deal with what I have… what do I have? I have parsley. And some sliced provolone… those aren’t food. I have a chunk of ham, I could make something with those and some pasta… that’s too much work. I have French onion soup, nah. I finished the cauliflower for breakfast. Maybe I’ll walk into the kitchen and something will magically appear (you know how even when you know nothing’s in the fridge, you keep opening it and stand there, staring, like something amazing will show itself up while you weren’t looking?) Worst-case scenario, I eat some chocolate chips. That’s as good a plan as any.

I walk to the kitchen. I turn on the light. WHAT MAGIC IS THIS!? THERE’S A PIE SITTING ON MY STOVE! It took me a few seconds to remember I made it earlier today… before the power went out, yeah, that’s right!… and was waiting for it to gel so when I cut into it, it didn’t turn into pie soup.

Peach-blueberry pie, you are mine.

(Pastry back: http://www.weebls-stuff.com/wab/pastry/ . Go here. You won’t regret it.)


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One response to “i’m bringing pastry back

  1. Brux

    You forgot you made a pie? Btw, you can just park on Park Ave. 25 cents per half hour. The parking spots around the music buildings are not cheap at all…probably not worth it. There is the parking lot on near the corner of Macomb and Park. Can’t remember who owns it though. I’ve heard it isn’t too expensive…

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