Fauré’s music never ceases to fascinate me. It has always struck me as simple. The melodies wander where they will, much like Chopin’s melodies. Some are long and winding, some are broken into segments, but they aren’t particularly complicated. They are songful and easily sung. His rhythms, whether a simple constant subdivision or something more complicated, keep the music moving forward, unhurriedly, like a stream. And the harmonies – well, that’s the real treasure. He is constantly, constantly modulating, but almost unnoticeably! I’m not even sure some of them can be called modulations, since he passes from one key to another without tonicization, so fluidly that we are in a different area altogether before we realized we got there. They’re more like tonal shifts, since he doesn’t stay in one “mode” long enough to settle. It’s a really moving technique I haven’t heard done by anyone else.


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